About Us

Hi & Welcome to Sweet Living Goods, my name is Julia!

Sweet Living Goods sells customized and handmade goods featuring unique, simple and timeless designs. 


I am just a mom bringing life to your sweetest moments through ethically sourced goods; on a mission to join the global fight against human trafficking.

Sweet Living Goods was born from a belief that we are all capable of leading a life worthy of our calling. In 2019 I went on a trip to Thailand to support and learn more about anti-human trafficking efforts. From that moment on, I knew there was something more I could do to join in the global fight to end human trafficking.

Hard work and a calling to help others breathed life into Sweet Living Goods! I am a busy mom just like you, who believes I can do my part in creating a better world for all...and have a little fun while we do it.



  • Community Impact: I believe in ethically sourced products & take my responsibility to combat global human trafficking seriously. 
  • Sustainability:  I believe I am a steward of the earth and I am passionate about sourcing products that are sustainable.  
  • Quality: I pride myself in providing quality items for life’s sweetest moments.  I don’t produce or sell items I wouldn’t wear or use myself. 
  • Innovation:  As a female entrepreneur I take an innovative approach to the products I provide by aligning select sales with a direct donation towards global anti-human trafficking efforts. 
  • Fun: I believe in not taking myself too seriously. As a corporate career oriented boss, this mom is resetting life to focus on those sweet and simple moments; because life is too short not to have fun while blessing others.

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my heart being called to something bigger than my little world. I care deeply about the global crisis of human trafficking. A portion of select purchases will go directly to supporting non-profits whose mission is to fight against human trafficking both locally and globally.